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All of our rentals are day long rates EXCEPT for paddle board rentals; we offer 1 hour, 2 hour, or an all day rate.

A credit card will be needed to have on file when renting any equipment. You must be at least 18 years old to rent from us or be accompanied by an adult. Our rentals are expected to be back by closing time or else you will be charged for another day of use.

We offer lockers on a first come first serve basis for $5 a day. 

Parking fees vary and is not included with your rental.

Surf boards:                                $30-$35

Paddle Board:

    - 1 Hour                                       $25

    - 2 Hours                                     $40

    - All Day                                       $50

Wetsuit:                                           $15

Child Wetsuit:                                 $10

Board & Wetsuit:                        $40-$45

Boogie Board:                                $15

Skim Board:                                    $15

Beach Chair:                                   $10

Umbrella:                                        $10

Surf racks:                                        $5

Surf Straps:                                      $5

Fins:                                                  $5

Leash:                                               $5

Life Jackets:                                      $5

Volleyball:                                         $5


We have a wide selection of beginner boards from 5 ft.-11 ft. foam logs to NSP epoxy's to fiberglass boards. We also have some higher performance boards available to rent for an extra $5. Our surfboard brands include; Surf Tech, Global Surf Industries, NSP, Modern, Walden, 7S, Strive, Hot Curl, and Santa Cruz. We stock a selection of new surfboards & wetsuits and also sell most of our rental surfboards & wetsuits at varied prices.

In our shop we sell NHS Santa Cruz Apparel, Cowell's Surf Shop apparel, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Vonzipper sunglasses, Xcel wetsuits, Xcel boodies, boogie boards, reef sandals, and plenty more beach and surf essentials. 

We do not offer surf lessons through Cowell's Beach Surf Shop but we do recommend Richard Schmidt Surf School. Give them a call at: 831.423.0928 and say that Kathy at Cowell's sent you !

Check out the waves on the surf cam at the best beginner spot in Northern California right across the street from our shop HERE.

Looking for ladies bikinis, beachwear, and beach essentials? Check out our women's store at Beach Street Boutique.

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